BluPrint Studio
Building a big presence for your small business.

Brand Identity

Your brand's blueprint.


Brand Identity Elements

Name + Logo + Colors + Fonts + Shapes + Tagline + Tone

We, at BluPrint, can create these elements for your organization cohesively. We work with our clients to create a Brand Identity that reflects the organization's culture and remains unique within it's respective market. We have established a simplified process whereby we are able to capture the totality of a clients' vision for their brand. We treat our information gathering stage as the most important part of the process and seek to understand your values, vision, mission, and everything in between. 



What is the result?

Upon completion, our clients receive a unique Style Guide document for their organization. This document will include logo design details, color palette, fonts, applicable mock-ups, and more. Moreover, the Style Guide defines the detailed requirements and practices, serving as the ultimate blueprint to any form of the new brand's usage for consistent application. Clients are provided with full rights of all material created in the Style Guide. Printed and digital copies are delivered in all common formats including all graphics, documentation, and illustrations.

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