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Business Plan

That document the investors need.

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A Business Plan is often the only representation of a company in its seed stage. This document undeniably represents you in your absence to the most important stakeholders. Many investors – in form of venture capital firms or individual investors – will review a business proposal document before ever meeting the individuals behind the idea. It has been, and remains to be a critical tool for raising capital and brand awareness. At its core, such a document is intended to answer the basic questions of what, where, and how. This can be accomplished through a series of sections necessary to communicate and educate your audience.

Business proposals are dictated by the product, thus vary significantly in effort and pricing. The document can range from 5 to 40 pages, sectioned appropriately to address your audience, including a description of your product, a market analysis, and/or pro-forma financials. We will recommend sections that provide value to your audience and prepare the document from start to finish. Once design selection and instructions are delivered to us, we will proceed to produce a top-notch portfolio for you to distribute and begin executing your organization's vision.

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